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Jupiter Week 2002
January 25

Yerkes Rooftop Remote Observatory: Jupiter 2002 
January 18, January 19, January 20, January 22, January 23, January 25th.
Jupiter Sequences Fts Images

The Rooftop Telescope at Yerkes was operated remotely from Oak Park & River Forest H.S., by teacher Kevin McCarron and student, Matt Seegers.  The moons of Jupiter were seen far to the East and the West of Jupiter so two sets of images were taken.   (North is up.)

To the East of Jupiter, follow the motion.

To the West of Jupiter, follow the motion.


Download these .fts images here

Analyze the brightness of the moons with the aperture tool.  Remember the order of brightness of the moons is Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto, brightest to dimmest. Then you will know which moon is which.

Combine image sets for the East and West views of Jupiter and its moons to determine direction of motion of the moons.  Or use one of the other methods to discover motion.  (Flipbook or draw lines connecting moon positions on a printout of this page.)

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