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Jupiter's Orbiting Moons

Jupiter, a Giant Planet, with Orbiting Moons!

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Yerkes Observatory, 80mm refractor.

Jupiter's Moons

July 24, 1997.  All four moons are visible.  From left to right they are Ganymede, Io, Europa, and Callisto.  Io is near the furthest edge of its orbit from our vantage point. 

July 25, 1997.  Only two of Jupiter's moons are visible. Where are the other two?  Ganymede is near the furthest Eastern (left in the image) side of its orbit as we see it.  What is the radius of Ganymede's orbit in Jupiter diameters?


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Yerkes Observatory, 41 inch reflector, methane filter by Walter Wild.

Io's Orbit

September 26, 1996.  Jupiter's moon, Io, was approaching its furthest position East of Jupiter from our point of view.   The first image was taken at 1:07 UT time.  The second at 221 UT time. 

What is the radius of Io's orbit in Jupiter diameters?  Use the axes tool and the slice tool to help you measure.  Explain your work as a journal entry.

HOU Educators: Download these images in .fts format.

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