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Jupiter's Bright Moons

Recognizing Jupiter's Moons by their Brightness!

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  November 1, 1999, about 2:20 UT

Four of Jupiter's moons are bright!  They were discovered by Galileo in 1610.

Jupiter's moons are like a mini solar system orbiting Jupiter.  We see the orbiting moons from the side rather than from above or below Jupiter.  So, the moons appear to line up on either side of Jupiter.  Depending on where the moons are in their orbits, they can appear close to or far from Jupiter. 

Can we use auto aperture to tell which moon is which?

When you look at Jupiter with a telescope, there are no labels to tell you which moon is which.  Let's see if we can identify the moons by their brightness.
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Use auto aperture to find the brightness of each moon.

Create a table to record your results.

Do the moons keep the same order of brightness when we use different filters? 

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HOU Educators:  Download .fts images of Jupiter

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