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Find that Moon!

  September 30th, 1998  4:34... 5:25... Universal Times30jupmn.jpg (20734 bytes)

These images were taken for Tom Morin, Belmont HS, New Hampshire at Yerkes Observatory with the 24 inch reflector telescope, an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera and a V filter for .01 seconds

Do you see evidence of any of Jupiter's moons?  Open these images in HOU image processing software.  Try changing the min/max settings or clicking inside the box to LOG scale the display colors.  One of these images shows a moon of Jupiter!

Which image is it?  _____________________________________ 

How did you find it?  ___________________________________

How did you change the display?    Color palette? _____________

Min?  ____________________   Max? ____________________

Did you use log scaling? _________________________________ 

What is the (x, y) position of the moon?  _____________________

Why do you suppose you can see the moon in one image but not in the other?



Look in Sky and Telescope or Astronomy Magazine for September, 1998.  Try to figure out which moon this is!  The magazine pictures are telescope views so they will be upside down from this image.

Which moon is it?  ________________________________________ 

How did you find out? _____________________________________

HOU Educators:  Click here to download these .fts images.

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