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Compare Moon Phases

These miniature moon mosaics represent some of the moon's phases.   Cut them out and paste them onto 3 x 5 cards.  Follow directions at end of the page to make a model of a lunar cycle.

Moon which is 9 days old. Moon which is 10 days old.

Moon which is 13 days old. This moon is 15 days old. This moon is nineteen days old. This moon is twenty-two days old. This moon is twenty-three days old.


Create moon phase card stands. 

Cut out each moon phase.  Glue or tape each phase to the top of an index card.  Label the lower portion of the card with the  day of the cycle.  (New moon = Zero)  Fold each card under to form a stand. 

The days of the lunar cycle included are:  Day Nine,  Day Ten,  Day Thirteen,  Day Fifteen,  Day Nineteen,  Day Twenty Two,  Day Twenty Three

Set up the phases around a model Earth. 

Stand up the folded cards. Arrange the phases in a model with the Earth at the center and the Sun very far away in the direction opposite the Moon closest to full.  Think about how each moon looks and where it has to be in relation to the Earth and the Sun.

Explain your model to a friend or classmate. 

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