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Comet 17P/Holmes

Camera view and telescope view of Comet Holmes 
Camera Views and Telescope Views


Find Comet 17P/Holmes 2007 in the Sky

Comet 17P/Holmes is in the constellation Perseus.
Look for Comet 17/P Holmes in the constellation Perseus, just to the east of the bright star Mirfak or Mirphak. This constellation also features Algol, a famous eclipsing binary star, M34 an open cluster perfect for binoculars to the west of Algol, a large dim nebula called the California Nebula, NGC1499.

The comet is north of The Pleiades.

  Look 'under' the left side of the W of Cassiopeia to find Perseus
Perseus is 'under' the left leg of the W shape of Cassiopeia.

Look east of Cassiopeia and Andromeda to find Perseus and the Comet
Look east of Cassiopeia and Andromeda to find Perseus.

Nov. 3, 2007 Comet 17P/Holmes in Perseus.  First look for the Pleiades, which are part of the constellation Taurus, then look north to find Perseus.  Or look east of Cassiopeia and Andromeda.  Click each picture for a webpage with comparison photos.

Telescope Views and Time Lapse Movies of Comet 17P/Holmes

Movies and jpgs of Comet Holmes are made from sequential telescope images.

You can download  fits images here or go to Hands-On Universe: Get Images, HOU Image Archives, Observatories pages.

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Created for Yerkes Observatory and Hands-On Universe to help teachers and students find Comet 17P/Holmes.   Vivian Hoette, Yerkes Observatory.  November 05, 2007 11:24 AM