South Building: 10-inch Telescope and Schmidt Camera.

In the aerial views from the outside Yerkes pages, you can see the smaller building on the Lake (southern) side of the Observatory. This building contains two telescopes: (1) the 10-inch telescope, which is special because it is frequently open for public and private viewings (see the page on visiting Yerkes for more information), and (2) the Schmidt camera, which is another telescope.

This is a view of the south building -- the two domes are clearly visible.


Two views of the 10-inch:
Looking out through the slit in the dome with the telescope in the foreground.

More of the telescope itself.

Schmidt Camera

First, a description that explains more about what a Schmidt camera does.

Various views of the Schmidt camera (Prof. Kyle Cudworth is pictured):

A look back at the Observatory through the slit in the Schmidt dome.

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