Instructions for the next round of UofC APO proposals

To:    Prospective UC users of the ARC 3.5m telescope
From:  L. Hobbs, chairman, UC TAC
Date:  September 19, 1996
Re:    Next deadline for observing proposals
A statement of the policies and procedures (PP) which govern the internal allocation of the UC share of the observing time is available in AAC 118, the front office at Yerkes Observatory, and on line at

TWO ascii (text) files must be used to submit observing requests electronically to the UC TAC. The files are available on line (form1 and form2) or at To request observing time, please consult the PP statement and use the current proposal forms, which are THE ONLY ONE WHICH WILL BE ACCEPTED. A hardcopy of the proposal forms must be received in either AAC 118 or the Yerkes office by 4:00 PM on the due date. Note carefully that the second form must include the signature of the faculty sponsor; unsigned proposals will not be accepted. By the same deadline, both files must also be emailed to heinz@oddjob.

Please note carefully two important provisions of the PP statement.

  1. With one exception, all requests must be submitted in collaboration with a departmental faculty member, who must sign the request. The exception consists of graduate students who have not yet acquired a thesis sponsor. Such students should submit requests directly to the chairman of the UC TAC, who will serve as an ombudsman for those requests.
  2. Observers must spend at least three nights at the Apache Point site before undertaking remote observations, in order to familiarize themselves with operational procedures at the Observatory.
The instruments expected to be available for current use are, in the optical region, the Dual Imaging Spectrograph (DIS) and SPICam, an imaging CCD camera. At wavelengths near 2 microns, the Grating Imager (GRIM II) can be used. Please see D. York or me for general information about the instruments. For detailed information about an instrument, please contact