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Combined blue and red DIS images of PDCS 74; a distant cluster of galaxies. Taken by Nichol, Holden and Castander in May 1996. 10 mins in photometric conditions. The data was reduced and combined by Eddie Bergeron at APO.

This page is designed to be a local information point for users (and potential users) of the ARC 3.5m Telescope at the University of Chicago. For a more extensive discussion of all the telescopes at Apache Point Observatory (APO), which includes the 3.5m and the SDSS 2.5m, check out the APO website.

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Director's Discretionary Time Policies

Form for observing schedule changes

form1.arc, plus the the usual form2.uc. These are the current versions of the forms (as of March 2004), and the only ones that will be accepted.
proposal due for
Nov. 1Jan.-March (Q1)
Feb. 1April-June (Q2)
May 1July-Sept. (Q3)
Aug. 1Oct.-Dec. (Q4)

Proposal preparation

Observing preparation

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