Pictures of DASI

Here are some pictures of DASI at several points along its history.

[In each case you can click on the smaller image to get a large (jpeg) one.]

Visit to Vertex 4/1/99

The DASI telescope superstructure (or mount) was designed in collaboration with and built by a company called Vertex/TIW at their New Mexico facility. We went out to have a look when it was nearly finished.

Arrival in Chicago

DASI was shipped from New Mexico to the University of Chicago on a large truck. These are some pictues of the arrival, moving it into the "high bay" here, and assembling it for testing.

Testing and Disassembly

After preliminary testing in the high bay, DASI was moved outside for astronomical tests. In August and September 1999, DASI was disassembled and packed up to begin its journey to the South Pole.

McMurdo to South Pole

DASI Pole Photos, 1999-2000

DASI Pole Photos, 2000-2001

For more pictures of DASI, check out the "CMBR Experiments" section of the CARA Virtual Tour.