Undergraduate Courses: 2009 - 2010
Autumn, 2009
ASTR 18200The Origin and Evolution of the UniverseAngela V. Olinto
ASTR 24100The Physics of Stars and Stellar SystemsJames W. Truran
PHSC 11900Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics (Lab)Donald G. York

Winter, 2010
ASTR 18100The Milky WayNickolay Y. Gnedin
ASTR 20000Tutorial in Astronomy and AstrophysicsStaff
ASTR 24200The Physical UniverseWayne Hu
ASTR 29700Participation In Research: Astronomy and AstrophysicsStaff
PHSC 11900Stellar Astronomy and AstrophysicsDan Hooper
PHSC 12000Origin of the Universe and How We KnowStephan S. Meyer

Spring, 2010
ASTR 18300Searching Between the StarsDoyal ''Al'' Harper
ASTR 28200Current Topics in AstrophysicsPaolo Privitera
NTSC 10200Evolution of the Universe (Lab)Craig J. Hogan
PHSC 12000Origin of the Universe and How We Know (Lab)Michael D. Gladders