The Visualization of Astrophysical Data:

Bringing together Science, Art and Education

This site will serve as a staging area for workshop material, until the official workshop page is up on the KICP website.

Presentations and Video Clips

Randy LandsbergWelcome and IntroTalk(PDF)
Adrienne GauthierInstructional Design Strategies for Instructional Technologies Utilizing Data VisualizationPoster(PDF)
Curtis WongInteractive narrative content and context for visualizationTalk(PPT) - Interactive from Da Vinci CDROM (Windows only)
Frank SummersAccuracy & Aesthetics: Scientific Visualizations Using Hollywood ToolsTalk(PPT),movie 47MB(avi)
Stuart LevyTelling Lies to VisualizeTalk(PDF), movie1(mpeg), movie2(quicktime)
Ryan WyattImmersive Visualizationwyatt_ucViz2005.tar(194 MB!!!)
Ka Chun YuKa Chun Yu, Denver Museum of Nature & Science A Real-Time Milky Way Galaxy SimulationTalk
Kaoru Kimura3D Science Live ShowTalk(PPT)
Toshiyuki TakaheiEmbeddingTalk(PPT)Printable(PPT)
Andrew JohnsonCollaborative visualization using high-resolution tile displaysTalk(PPT)
Mark WhittleBig Bang Acoustics: The Sound of CreationTalk(PPT)
Dinoj SurendranAutomating VisualizationTalk(PPT)
Randy Landsberg, Dinoj Surendran, Mark SubbaRaoCosmus GeoWall demosMapping the Universe video short shown on the PSP(90MB)
Alexandra BarnettOutcomes from a NASA Explorer Institute session on digital domes and data.Poster(PPT)
Alex GriswoldExpanding the Universe in the Classroom'': Visualizing Key Cosmological Principles Using 3-D AnimationPoster(PPT)
Alexander SzalayVisual exploration of large astronomical databases
Jordan RaddickUsing Data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in the ClassroomTalk(PPT)
Tin Kam HoMirage -- Interactive Pattern Discovery with Large Imaging DatabasesTalk(PPT) also a flyer for Mirage.
Andrew HamiltonBlack Hole Flight SimulatorCurtis Wong took some movies of the presentation on his digital camera movie1, movie2, movie3 .
John DubinskiGravitas: Animations of Galaxy Dynamics
Alyssa GoodmanAn "Institute for Innovative Computing" at HarvardTalk(PPT),Movie1(mpeg)
Andrew HansonSolar JourneyBlack Hole zoom in movie(mov)
Doug RobertsStereo Image Database Demo
Brian AbbottDigital Universe Demo
Carter EmmartUniview Demo
Edward BachtaA Case Study in the Visualization of Supernova Simulation DataTalk(PPT)
Chris MihosVisualizing Galaxy CollisionsTalk

Annotated Resources

The Value of Visualization


Educational Research

Outcomes and Recomendations