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Converting maps of the world into interactive globes

Many rectangular maps of Earth and other planets are available, e.g. from

With Partiview you can easily wrap this map around a sphere that you can rotate, zoom in on, etc. Here's how to do so in Windows.

  1. Convert your world map to .sgi format. Most standard image processing packages do this.
  2. Download this Partiview binary
  3. Download this model of a sphere: globe.obj.
  4. Download this plain text file and change blah.sgi to the appropriate file name in the line below.
    texture -D -O 1 blah.sgi
  5. Create a batch file blah.bat with the line "partiview" and click on it.

Linux instructions are similar, see Selden's Planets for Partiview.

For an example and navigation instructions, check out the Earth at Night site.

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