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SZA/OVRO Stereo Photographs

Photographer : Chris Greer

Chris took these pictures for Cosmus in April/May 2004. CalTech's Owen's Valley Radio Observatory is the site of the SZA project led by John Carlstrom's group at the University of Chicago.

Download : has all photos on this page, and a GWD file to slideshow them on a GeoWall with Wallview.

The sign at OVRO. It says
   "CalTech Owens Valley Radio Observatory. 
   Owens River 3 miles. 
   Bishop 11 miles.
   National Radio Astronomy Observatory 
   Very Long Baseline Array
   Operated by Associated Universities, Inc
   Under contract with National Science Foundation."
The telescopes:

Big Pine (pop: 1500) is the nearest town to OVRO.

Here be grizzlies.