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Apache Point Observatory Walkthrough

This is a 3d model of part of the Apache Point Observatory. It was created using Maya by Stephanie Andrews based on photographs from the APO and Sloan Digital Sky Survey sites. Apache Point Observatory is where the telescope for the SDSS is located.

It can be viewed on a GeoWall using Walkabout, an interactive viewer that you can from the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Navigating in Walkabout with a keyboard is easy; use the arrow keys to move your body, E and C to move your head.


  • The Model. This includes a VRML file with the model and a WBT file that is required by Walkabout.
  • Walkabout (from the EVL)

For VRML-equipped browsers

If your web browser (e.g. Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape) has a special VRML-plugin installed (installation instructions), you can view the model using it, by clicking here or (smaller, older version) here.

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