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SDSS Movie

This project is in progress, but here's a first cut of its 2d version. It will eventually be a 3d movie that runs on GeoWalls.

[NEW!] (Nov 05) 720 x 405 (380 Mb). Updated for the latest Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This version has a soundtrack but no narration. You can also find this on Google Video. 720x540 (237 MB). There is a smaller version (320x240 , 89MB), also a version without narration (720x540) (237 MB).

This movie was directed by Daniela Rosner, and produced by Randy Landsberg and Josh Frieman, with

  • Visuals from Mark Subbarao's and Dinoj Surendran's SDSS Flythrough
  • Stereo photographs by Jurek Krzesinski of the Apache Point Observatory,
  • Script by cosmologist Josh Frieman.
  • Music by Taylor Aune, Colin Bischoff, Jay Crosby and Jaoqin Viera
  • Music Producer and Voiceover Dan Mohr

Technical details of how the movie was made, including stereo pairs of the flythrough parts.