Technical Details


The model contains ~106 000 galaxies from the SDSS first release, and ~18 000 quasars. The quasars are the bright pink/red spots. Further out is a large sphere that is the Cosmic Microwave Background.

The positions of the galaxies are accurate, which is the main point.

The orientations of the galaxies are currently randomized, this will be fixed in future.

The pictures of galaxies are not accurate, but represent a good guess. There are several shapes of galaxies. We got ten pictures of galaxies representative of these shapes. SDSS data provides for each galaxy a spectral classification parameter (eclass) which correlates well with galaxy shape. For each galaxy we used this parameter to determine which picture to use for it. We feel this is an appropriate way to make the point that galaxies do not all look the same.


Scripts in Perl and Matlab.

How galaxies were processed, from the SDSS server to Partiview.

Ditto, quasars.