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Evaluation of GeoWall Exhibits

Joi Podgorny wrote a Masters Thesis on "Studying Visitor Engagement in Virtual Reality Based Children's Science Museum Exhibits" (PDF) in 2003-4.

"We were interested in evaluating the exhibits we created, yet due to our time constraints, large scale formal evaluations were not possible. We were able to perform a study of our SDSS themed exhibits showed in conjunction with other 3D models at SciTech, a children's museum in Aurora, IL."

Types of Evaluations

Short descriptions of the three main types of evaluations performed on museum exhibits.

Outline for study

Outline for the study that was performed involving our SDSS exhibits from above.

Survey Interview Guide

Questions used in interviews given after audiences from studiy watched various VR exhibit, including the SDSS exhibits above.

Outline of Results: Indicators and Factors

Skeletal outline of results found from study. Full results detailed in thesis in Publications/Presentations section below.

Useful Evaluation References

References that are useful in investigating exhibit evaluations in general and virtual reality evaluation, specifically.


Raw transcripts of observations taken while visitors, mostly children, were watching GeoWall exhibits at SciTech. These were not just for our exhibits, but other exhibits already installed there.