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Outline for "Evaluation"

  1. Determine our initial goals and objectives for the project
    1. Defining project and it's modules
    2. Determining goals for each project/module
  2. Get the following from both SciTech and Adler
    1. Mission Statements
    2. Audience demographics
    3. What they define as an effective exhibit
    4. Their methods for evaluating exhibits
    5. Expectations for this project
  3. Compare SciTech and Adler's information to our goals and objectives
    1. What are the differences?
    2. What are the things that we didn't take into consideration?
  4. Rework our goals and objectives according to the above analysis
  5. Design a test observation
    1. Has a similar exhibit evaluation been done before?
      1. What measures did they use?
      2. Are they applicable to ours?
    2. What measures do we expect?
      1. Define these measures
      2. What are these measures measuring?
    3. What is our hypothesis?
  6. Observe visitors watching our exhibit
    1. Need at least 2 observers
    2. Record all observations according to pre-determined measures
    3. Afterwards:
      1. Check validity of measures
        1. Did these measures actually occur?
        2. Were there other measures not thought of that occurs as well or instead?
      2. Check reliability of measures
        1. Did each observer see the same thing?
        2. What were the discrepancies between the observers?
      1. Was there confusion regarding definitions of measures?
  7. Look at observation measures again
    1. Are any changes to the measures needed?
    2. Should definitions be clarified?
    3. Do any measures need to be added?
  8. Observe visitors watching exhibit
    1. Are there characteristics of the visitors that need to be considered?
      1. Age, prior knowledge, ethnicity?
    2. Mark/code according to measures that were determined
  9. Survey the observed visitors
    1. Ask survey questions that are parallel to observed measures
    2. Compare observations to survey results
      1. Are our measures valid (i.e. if we believe a measure indicates something, did it correspond to what the visitor felt/experienced?)
  10. Make adjustments according to the feedback/results
  11. Repeat process if possible.