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Most projects here are electronic visuals that can be used to help the public understand astronomical and cosmological concepts. But there are exceptions, such as visuals for other subjects and an evaluation of how these visuals have been used in a museum setting.

Some visuals are standalone and can be used as soon as they are downloaded. Others are interactive and require facilitation by someone while they are playing.

You are free to use any of our material you desire, we just ask that you credit us and, if possible, tell us you are using it with a quick email in the spirit of freeware, so that we know where our pieces are being used.

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SSDS flythrough


SSDS flythrough


SSDS flythrough

Stereo APO

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

SDSS Galaxy Fly-through

An interactive 3D view of the large scale structure of the universe. Data courtesy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe.

SDSS Movie

A movie that takes the viewer from a terrestrial perspective at the Apache Point Observatory on to a fly through of galaxies at the edge of the universe. Narrated by Josh Frieman.

APO Walkthrough

An interactive virtual visit to the Apache Point Observatory(APO), home of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Stereo Photographs

A virtual tour of the APO, home of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, based on photographs taken by Jurek Krzesinski.

VERITAS telescope

VERITAS stereo example

VERITAS panorama

VERITAS 1000Gev Shower

VERITAS - Telescope Array

VERITAS Walkthough

An interactive virtual visit to one of the gamma ray telescopes from the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) that is currently under construction in southern Arizona.

VERITAS Stereo Photographs

VERITAS Panoramas

More virtual tours of the VERITAS sites, based on photographs taken by Brian Humensky.

VERITAS Cherenkov Photon Showers

VERITAS Collaboration Map

. An earth globe with the locations of the primary institutions in the VERITAS collaboration.
Daisuke Nagai's Dark Matter Simulation


Dark Matter Simulations

Daisuke Nagai of the University of Chicago provided data of a simulation of dark and baryonic matter.

UHE Proton Shower

AIRES Proton Shower

Auger Stereo

Pierre Auger

Ultra High Energy Proton Shower

Here are animations and models of a 1019eV proton shower over the array of tanks at Malargue in Argentina. Plus other visuals.

Cosmic Ray Showers

More showers created using Sergio Sciutto's AIRES simulation package, after some modifications by Maximo Ave et al.

Stereo Photographs

Stereo photographs taken by Randy Landsberg in Argentina in late 2004.

Stars Around Our Black Hole

Adaptive Optics

Stars at the Center of our Galaxy

Andrea Ghez et al at the UCLA Galactic Center Group have observed the individual motion of stars at the center of the Milky Way, despite the high density of stars there. These observations indicate the presence of a huge black hole there.


Auger Stereo

APO Stereo

VERITAS stereo example

OVRO stereo telescope

(coming soon!)

Stereo Photography Archive

Mars in Color

from Adler Planetarium

Pierre Auger Observatory

taken by Randy Landsberg

SDSS/Apache Point Observatory

taken by Jurek Krzesinski

VERITAS/Whipple & Kitt Peak Observatories

taken by Brian Humensky

SZA/Owens Valley Radio Observatory

taken by Chris Greer (non-stereo photos: 1, 2)

Yerkes Observatory

taken by Randy Landsberg

Earth at Night

Planetary Scales

Milky Way

Milky Way

Other Astronomical Visualizations

Earth at Night

3D views of the Earth in the night and day, past and present, based on images from the NOAO and NASA.

Planetary Scales

Demonstrates the different scales of Solar System planets in relation to the sun and each other.

Milky Way

A model of the Milky Way that isn't a simple photograph.

Milky Way Stars

The stars nearest to Earth in the Milky Way.

Clustering Digits

Clustering Digits

Non-Astronomical Visualizations

Clustering Patterns of Digits

What happens when software originally written for astronomy-related stuff gets used for other stuff.

College Football Conferences

A 3d graph that is fun to play with, with and without stereo.

Evaluation of Museum Exhibits

Visitor Engagement in GeoWall Exhibits

Joi Podgorny's 2003-4 Masters Thesis on "Studying Visitor Engagement in Virtual Reality Based Children's Science Museum Exhibits". This site contains her thesis, observations, and other explanations.

Works in Progress

Works in Progress

Mad Libs

Using metaphors to teach cosmological concepts (needs Shockwave player - only for Windows/Mac platforms).

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