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Explanations of the types of downloads here are at the bottom of the page.

SDSS + WMAP: Hundreds of thousands of galaxies & quasars found by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR3 (Oct04) and the cosmic microwave background found by WMAP.

Pierre Auger Observatory

The VERITAS project studies gamma rays hitting the earth to figure out where they are coming from.

Dark Matter Simulations from data by Daisuke Nagai of the University of Chicago

The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Array is a set of telescopes at Owens Valley Radio Observatory operated by University of Chicago scientists to figure out more about how the universe evolved.
Stars Orbiting Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way: data from Andrea Ghez et al from the UCLA Galactic Center Group.

Movies of stars and orbits from 1995 to 2195 (all 800 x 600 resolution except M4V/iPod which are 320x240)

Interactive Animated 3d Models:
Visualizing cosmic ray showers simulated by AIRES, the package written by physicist Sergio Sciutto of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

Interactive 3d Models


Stereo Photographs of Mars from the NASA/JPL 2004 Rovers, colorized by Adler Planetarium:
Scale models of Sol and nine planets inside each other like Russian Dolls.

Interactive 3d Model

Interactive 3d Globes of Earth, based on various NASA and NOAO planetary maps:
Handwritten Digit Recognition: Visualizing the perfomance of an algorithm of Misha Belkin and Partha Niyogi of the University of Chicago.

Interactive 3d Model: (6.5 Mb)

Types of Downloads offered here

  1. Interactive 3d Models These are distributed in zip files that include binaries of the open source 3d viewer Partiview, by Stuart Levy of the NCSA. Unzip each zip file into a new folder, then look for batch files to click on / run. These are .bat files for Windows, .command files for OS X and .csh files for Linux. Windows and Linux also have GeoWall versions. Generally, these models can only be run on recent computers with good graphics cards.

    Instructions for how to navigate Partiview models can be found here.

  2. Movies. These are usually MPEG files that can be played with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

  3. Stereo Photos. These come with a GWD file that you can use with Wallview on a Geowall.

  4. Walkabout Models : If you have a GeoWall, download and install Walkabout from the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and then open the WBT file in the folder with it. Navigating in Walkabout with a keyboard is easy; use the arrow keys to move your body, E and C to move your head.

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