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Institutions we are affiliated with:

Astronomy projects we are making visuals for

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Everything you need to know about the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), the most ambitious astronomical survey project ever undertaken. You might prefer a more terse description of the project, or more visual applets, links, technical description on their skyserver. There have, of course, been previous (smaller) surveys, such as CfA and 2dF.

Auger An international facility in development in Argentina, this project will use 16000 detectors spread over an area the size of Rhode Island to find elusive, extremely high-energy cosmic rays. You could also check out their Chicago site.

VERITAS A comprehensive website with something for everybody. An aesthete will find simple descriptions of the principles behind the apparatus, as well as its goals, accompanied with elucidating pictures (and numerous photos of the site/people/devices). Curious reader will appreciate easy access to technical details of the project and to numerous links. You could also try their Chicago site.

Astronomy Outreach Sites

KICP Education & Outreach Programs: Directed by Randy Landsberg. There are several other KICP Educational Resources, including talks given during the Short Course for Planetarium Staff in September 2003 by several cosmology researchers.

CARA A link to The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA) where you can find information about the research being to done to better understand the origin of structure in the Universe, as well as pictures and a virtual tour.

the Future of Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab Projects from the Future of Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab that explore the creation of "tools to think with" to help bring about change in real- world settings, such as schools, museums, and under-served communities.

Cosmic Evolution Video Simulations Tufts University's gorgeous collection of cosmic evolution video simulations, ranging from dark matter to DNA.

Center for Innovative Learning Technologies. CILT was founded to stimulate the development and study of important, technology-enabled solutions for K-14 science, mathematics, engineering, and technology learning. CILT has generated many resources including tools, publications, events, and NetCourses.

Interactive sites

Explaining Cherenkov Radiation Three nice and simple applets showing wave patterns and shockwaves produced by differences in light and particle speed.

Nobel e-Museum Games


360 degrees A well-designed and creative website of interactive information, relating perspectives on the criminal justice system.