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vertical of SDSS data

Cosmus is a group of scientists and science communicators interested in bringing science - particularly (but not exclusively) astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology - to the public by providing visualizations that explain scientific concepts and data.

This site contains several visuals that you can download and use. All our products are free and can be used by anyone for non-commercial purposes , as long as due credit is given. Non-commercial includes individuals, museums, research, and educational institutions. The products can be used on regular 2-dimensional screens or 3-dimensional GeoWalls. They run on ordinary computers running Windows; many run on Linux and MacOS X as well. In addition to supplying finished products, we also provide raw visuals that can be incorporated by others into finished products.

Our intended audience includes museum professionals who design and make exhibits, scientists looking for visuals to use at presentations/outreach, high school and college teachers, members of the press, etc.

If you use any visuals on this site, we would really appreciate it if you sent an email telling us about it, in the spirit of freeware and open source. It will also help us when applying for funding.

SDSS Galaxy Flythrough

SDSS Movie

APO Tour

APO Stereo Photos


VERITAS Stereo Photos

Earth at Night

Evaluations of Exhibits

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The origins of Cosmus are in the 2003-4 SCOPE Museum Presentations in Science Program. That was a group of mostly graduate students from various backgrounds in a one-year internship to design and make digital media exhibits for science museums with astronomy-related content.