What's new at CARA

DASI detects polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) 27 Oct 2002
Randy and friends travel to the South Pole! 28 Nov 2001

REU Opportunities for summer 2002
CARA/CfCP research for undergraduate women and minorities. 11 Nov 2001

ACBAR and DASI are looking for winterovers for 2003. 22 Oct 2001

The Summer 2001 REU student presentations 16 Oct 2001

CARA and the Center for Cosmological Physics are teaching a short course on "The New Cosmology" for college teachers. 4 Sep 2001

DASI announces new CMB results supporting inflationary cosmology at the APS spring meeting! 30 Apr 2001

Americans are airlifted from McMurdo. 25 Apr 2001
An ailing doctor is evacuated from the South Pole as polar winter approaches.

AST/RO wants to hire an experimentalist for an eventual winterover. 28 Feb 2001

The Space Explorers program is looking for an evaluation consultant. 11 Jan 2001

Randy and Patricia journey to the South Pole. 4 Dec 2000

REU Opportunities for summer 2001
Once again targeting women and minorities. 1 Nov 2000

DASI gets its petals (ground shields)!
See the virtual tour page for more cool photos.

Press coverage!
Yahoo.com covers the Millenium at the South Pole and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covers the snow bike!!

Snow Bike!
The Snow Bike arrives at the South Pole!

REU Opportunities for summer 2000
This year, targeting women and minorities.

Site visit talks
The talks from the October 1999 site visit have been posted.

RADARSAT-1 and Antarctica
For 18 days during the Southern Hemisphere spring of 1997, a NASA-launched Canadian satellite called RADARSAT studied Antarctica as part of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise. Although they're not affiliated with CARA, we're listing them here because the images are pretty neat: http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/imagewall/antarctica.html.

YSI 1999
Lab book and pictures from YSI 1999 are up!

Article on DASI from the Tribune, 31 Aug 99.

The AST/RO team is hiring a postdoc.

Research Experiences for Undergrads
Many undergrads are working with CARA this summer. Here is a summary of all of the projects.

Chautauqua Short Course on Cosmology
CARA is teaching one of the Chautauqua Short Courses for College Teachers, specifically on Cosmology at the Millenium. Course runs June 14-16, 1999.

DASI comes home
DASI, which will be deployed at the South Pole this coming austral summer, took a scheduled detour to the University of Chicago where the DASI team will test it and practice assembling it. Pictures of the arrival are online! 19 Apr 99

Arctic Ice Prowler hits the news!
Watch the Discovery Channel the week of Apr 19 for a story on the "Arctic Ice Prowler", a snow bike that students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh have been designing for the South Pole. The bike will be tested in Antarctica this austral summer. This work is sponsored by the NSF through the Advanced Technological Education program. This project has gotten lots of good press -- see this page for lots of links and pictures. posted here 19 apr 99.

Observing with AST/RO
Proposals now being accepted for the 1999 Austral winter. 12 Mar 99

John Carlstrom gets $1 million award!
CARA Associate Director John Carlstrom has been given a McDonnell Award. Read the University Press Release. 26 Jan 1999

Students at the Art Instute of Pittsburgh are working with CARA to design a Snow Bike.
...and they're getting lots of great press! Dec 1998

FIRS to be in Adler exhibit
CARA Director Steve Meyer's FIRS dewar will be part of an exhibit at Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum.

SPIREX/Abu is about to start taking proposals.
Proposals are for observing programs for March-October 1999. For more information, see http://www.noao.edu/scope/south_pole/
Proposal materials available circa Nov 1, 1998. Proposals due Dec 1, 1998.

Aurora pictures!
Robert Schwarz has some gorgeous aurora pictures on his Life at the South Pole page. Pointer added here 12 Oct 98.

9-15 Aug 1998 -- Space Explorers Invade Wisconsin!
The annual Yerkes Summer Institute for the Space Explorers is being held this week at Yerkes Observatory. "40+ students, 11 experiments, Lots of telescopes, lots of fun!" Pictures are online!

10 June 1998 -- AAS meeting
Special Session at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in San Diego, CA, June 10, 1998.

2 June 98
CARA Associate Director John Carlstrom wins MacArthur "genius award"!

15 May 98
SPARO sees First Light!

April 26- May 2, 1998 - NSF Science and Technology Week
We were involved in the National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Week 1998 since this year's theme was "Polar Connections."