CARA Virtual Tour: Site Map

Only pages on the tour are listed here; links to places elsewhere in the CARA pages are not listed, nor are links to sites other than found on These pages are also interlinked among themselves, but this too was omitted for clarity.

This tour was designed to start at New Zealand, move through McMurdo and then arrive at the South Pole, from which you can explore each of the items in the list below.

Virtual Tour Home Page
New ZealandrightMcMurdo -> South Pole -> South Pole Imagemap
right Skiway
right New York Air National Guard (also accessible from NZ, McMurdo, and South Pole pages)
right Three South Poles (Ceremonial, Geographic, and Magnetic)
right The Dark Sector (CARA buildings)
right MartinA. Pomerantz (MAPO) Building
right Submillimeter Experiments
right Microwave Experiments
right Infrared/visible Experiments
right Automated Astrophysical Site Testing Observatory (AASTO)
right The Dome
right Pictures of the Dome Overall
right The Arches (fuel storage, power generation, garage, and medical facilities)
right Science Facilities
right The Galley (dining/kitchen areas)
right Communications Equipment
right Balloon-Inflation Tower
right Life at the South Pole
right Robert's dorm room in Upper Berthing
right Fire and Water
right The Sun Page
right Harsh Environment
right Miscellaneous Snapshots of Life at the South Pole
right Summer Camp
right Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO)

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