Virtual Tour - Dome: Science Building and Skylab

The scientists live in the science building in the winter. See the page on Life at the South Pole for some images of Robert Schwarz' room in the Science Building.

science This is a picture from the 1991-1992 season of the computer room, on the ground floor of the science building. Most of the email computer traffic takes place here. However, most of the science work now has been moved out to other buildings, like the CARA buildings.

Walkway to Skylab. Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

The skylab lounge, which doubles as a band practice room. Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

Since Skylab is actually outside the dome, it's the only place with big windows! Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

View of Skylab (the orange box) and the dome, and some of the construction (on the left) from the 99-00 season. Photo courtesy the DASI team.

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