Virtual Tour - Life at the South Pole: Fire and Water

It's very dry here, technically a desert. The snow that buries things here does so because it blows around, not because it actually preciptiates.

Showers and laundry are limited, because water is very valuable. Photos courtesy Robert Schwarz.

However, water is also a pretty good way to warm up if seriously chilled. This is the sauna.

Because it is so dry, fire is a constant concern. The people who winter over have to go through rather extensive fire training, and there are many drills and (thankfully) false alarms.

Here is Robert Schwarz modelling his fire gear. Photos courtesy Robert Schwarz.

Scenes from a fire drill, in which someone really got hurt and had to be taken to Biomed, the hospital. He turned out to be fine. Photos courtesy Robert Schwarz.

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