Virtual Tour - Life at South Pole: Robert's Room

Robert Schwarz (1996-1997 and 1997-1998 winterover) has volunteered to show us his 1996-1997 room in the Science Building. (All images on this page courtesy Robert Schwarz.)

He says, "Only one person at a time, there is not much space!"

Please come in.

Here are my 2.87 m x 1.68 m (113in x 66in). But it's nice and it's mine!

It is so dry at the Pole that fire is a constant concern. Because of the potential of fire, every room has an escape hatch. Since it's going outside you can use it also as a freezer.

The bed is made out of a PMT crate, also all the other wood I used is recycled. That's my desk, to save space it's below the bed.

It's never very far to the other side of the room!

Some postcards on my cupboard.

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