Virtual Tour - Life at the South Pole: Miscellaneous things

The people who stay here over the winter work very hard, very long hours. They also find ways to have fun.

A picture from the first international SPCC (South Pole Cricket Championships), 1997. The "Empire" against the "Rest of the World". Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

During this particular winterover season, Friday night was Poker night. Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

This season also had the tradition of Friday afternoon Slushies in the Atmospheric Research Observatory (nee Clean Air Facility). Cool drinks mixed with cleanest snow on earth. Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

They also celebrated Christmas in July on July 25th. Rumor had it that Santa came all the way from the other Pole... Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

For Easter, they had an Easter egg hunt, complete with Bunny. Photos courtesy Robert Schwarz.

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