Virtual Tour - Dome: Galley.

In addition to being everyone's favorite place, this is the main meeting place at the Station. Seating is very limited -- it's usually packed. Four meals are served a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and "midrest", a meal at midnight. There are only two shifts at the South Pole to cover 24 hours, and especially in the summer when the Sun doesn't set, people are always awake, and usually hungry.

The food is very good, although cooking is hard because of the high altitude of the site. They make all their own bread because it is cheaper and easier to ship in the ingredients rather than the final product. They get fresh fruits and vegetables every day in the summer. They also have the world's largest food freezing facility -- they pretty much just put it outside! On the page of general dome pictures, you can see the entrance to the food storage facility, the outside of the Galley, and a quick view inside the greenhouse ("the only green for thousands of miles").

As soon as you get near the kitchen, you notice immediately the good smells -- and the humidity! It's the only place on base with frosted doors.

From saturdays at 5 through sundays at 5, the kitchen employees have off, so the scientists and other inhabitants of the station take their turn at cooking. A sample menu from a summer visit in 1994 includes:

An uncharacteristically quiet moment in the galley.

The kitchen, from inside.

Here, you're standing inside the kitchen, watching the rest of the Station inhabitants serve themselves dinner.

The fully-stocked pantry. Photo courtesy Robert Schwarz.

More pictures of the galley, and everyone's favorite people. Photo: CARA/R. Landsberg

During the long winter, everyone who "winters over" has to share in the "house mouse" duties. In this collection of photos, Robert Schwarz (who was a winterover for AMANDA and who is Bavarian) helped with the cooking on June 15th, Bavarian Day in the Galley. These three photos courtesy Robert Schwarz.

This was Robert's outfit for the day. He made "Lederhosen" out of an old carhartt, even with "Wadalstruempf" (a kind of socks).

Here Robert is making "nearly 70 Brezen (prezels)." He adds "we didn't have all the ingredients, [but] it still worked out quite well." The rest of the meal included Kaesespaetzle (cheese spaetzle).

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