Virtual Tour - New York Air National Guard

From 1955 until 1999, the Navy [Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6)] flew various aircraft in support of the U.S. Antarctic Program, including LC-130 aircraft. In 1998 at the Navy's request, the Air Force/Air National Guard took-over command of the DoD support to the USAP (Operation Deep Freeze) from the Navy. VXE-6 continued to augment the Air National Guard with LC-130 flights until it was disestablished in March 1999. The New York Air National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing, which had augmented VXE-6 since 1988, became the sole USAP provider of LC-130 aircraft support, beginning with the 1999/2000 field season. Most of the pictures you see on the Virtual Tour date from before 1998, so most of the aircraft pictured on the rest of the tour are Navy.

However, this page consists solely of pictures kindly provided in Jan 2000 by the New York Air National Guard's Multimedia office. They are of planes and personnel (and animals and places!) from McMurdo to the Pole.

For more information about the 109th, see their website.

Various views
of C-130s.

These two vessels are part of the US Coast Guard fleet. The second is an Icebreaker. (For more information, see our McMurdo page.)

A glacier (see the flow lines?)

Helicopters, and a helicopter pilot.

Loading the C-130s.

Views of and near McMurdo.

Twin Otters

There's an Air Traffic Control Tower here, just like any other landing strip.

... Oh, my!!

For more information about the 109th, see their website.

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