Welcome to Antarctica!

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Now, let's go!

Regardless of where you live or which country you work for, to get to the South Pole, you almost certainly go through New Zealand and then land at McMurdo on the coast of Antarctica on your way to the center of the continent and the bottom of the Earth: the South Pole. (To just get to Antarctica, of course, you need not go through New Zealand, but to get to the South Pole, most people do go through NZ.)

This image came from The Earth and Moon Viewer, specifically a request like this.

Want to learn more about the territorial claims on Antarctica? Here is a map from the CIA (387k) with research stations and territorial claims. The CIA World Factbook also has a neat entry for Antarctica that has lots more information about this continent.

Go on to New Zealand, McMurdo, and South Pole.

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If this tour hasn't satiated your curiosity about science and life at the South Pole, check out our extensive page on links for learning about CARA Science and the South Pole. Lots of maps, background information, and more!