Introducing the Intrepid Travellers....

Janice VanCleave is a popular children's book writer and lecturer. A former school teacher, VanCleave taught science in public schools, science method courses in college, and science curriculum development courses for numerous districts and organizations. In addition to writing, VanCleave also works directly with children and adults through her "Fun With Science" workshops held at libraries, schools, museums, and bookstores throughout the United States. For the past 20 years she has regularly presented workshops for teacher staff development, as well as for children.

She has authored over three dozen books, including her widely recognized and best-selling Science for Every Kid series, Spectacular Science Projects, A+ Projects in Science series, three "Greatest Hits" books, Play and Find Out  series, and a Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects (all published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). They have been translated into 13 languages and are enjoyed by children all over the world. Her upcoming projects include more books in the Play and Find Out series, aimed at making science fun for children ages four to seven.

According to Janice, "the best way to teach youngsters about science is with fun, simple experiments that they can do themselves." All of the experiments in her books are pre- tested and absolutely safe. To enhance the educational benefits of these books, VanCleave gives the scientific explanation for each experiment in simple terms that anyone can understand. Janice is the mother of three children, and grandmother of six. She lives in Riesel, Texas with her husband, Wade.

Randy Landsberg is the Education Coordinator for the National Science Foundation's Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA) headquartered at the University of Chicago. Although Randy is a chemist by training he's an enthusiastic educator in the field of South Pole Astrophysics. "Science is cool," says Randy, "and so is the South Pole." Randy is pictured left demonstrating a spectrophotometer from the Argonne National Labs "Science Van".

Before CARA, Randy was the education coordinator for the Argonne National Laboratory Division of Educational Programs, and a consulting exhibit developer for the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry.

Randy is a frequent speaker on science education, and his presentations have been called "outstanding, insightful, and stimulating". His recent presentations to educators include "Science at the South Pole", "Forensics or How to Solve a Mystery & Teach Science at the Same Time", and "THINK Small: Getting Started with Microscale Chemistry"