Travel Log: 21 December 2001

Dateline: Friday, 21 December 2001
Christchurch, New Zealand

Randy writes:

We finally made it to Christchurch, and most of us are heading out today. Our flight arrived at 4:30 AM and most of us are planning to fly out this afternoon for our destinations.

I will leave Auckland at 7:15 PM Friday December 21, 2001 and arrive in Chicago - if everything goes right - at about 7:40 PM on Friday December 21, 2001, after many hours of travel and a trip over the international date line.

We all took nice long showers and we are preparing a farewell lunch for our McMurdo crew: Allan, Jason, Vivian, Giles and myself.

After the trip on a cargo plane, no one plans to complain about the commercial flight.

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