Travel Log: 19 December 2001

Dateline: Wednesday, 19 December 2001
McMurdo Base
Mostly sunny
Visibility (mi): Unrestricted
Wind: Southeast at 5 to 10 knots
High: +04°C / +39°F
Lowest Wind Chill: -04°C / +25°F

Randy writes:

Well yesterday it was nice enough to take a hike and to see two planes depart for Christchurch. The hike out to Willy Field felt great. Sunshine and exercise were very much needed. Along the way there are incredible views of Erebus and Castle Rock.

We didn't see any of the rumored drifts up to the wings of the planes. Today we are scheduled to leave at 1 AM on a C-130 that is scheduled to leave Christchurch around 5 PM today. A few ingredients are needed for us to leave: good weather, the Pegasus runway (it needs to be prepared again due to the storm), and high enough priority to make the flight if it goes out. The C-130's do not have skis so they can only land on Pegasus which is a blue ice (i.e., permanent ice shelf ice) runway. This year they have packed snow on top of it so that it can be used throughout the summer season.

The weary crew spends many hours each day in the galley at McMurdo. Not much to do except drink tea.
galley drinking tea

The hike to Williams Field. Castle Rock is visible in the background.
Willy Field hike Castle Rock

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