Travel Log: 13 December 2001

Dateline: Thursday, 13 December 2001
McMurdo Base

Skies overcast
Temp: -7°C / 19°F
Windchill: -26°C / -15°F
Wind: Southerly at 21 knots

Randy writes:

Yesterday our flight LCH01 was delayed for at least 24 hours. We are currently scheduled to leave tonight at 1 AM.

We were not surprised that the flight was postponed because in the morning when we looked out the window of Crary Lab we could not even see the Mountains that surround the Ross Sea. Also, this will be the first flight for a new group of airmen from Arkansas. They are flying Hercules C-130 planes that do not have skis. They will land on the Pegasus Blue Ice Runway. Blue ice is ice that is part of the permanent Ross Ice Shelf. This year an experiment was tried -- snow has been packed on top and the runway is now ready for use much sooner than normal.

Poor weather has temporarily stranded Randy, Jason, Vivian and the animals in Antarctica.
grey skies more grey

Dateline: 7:30 PM Thursday, 13 December 2001
McMurdo Base

Randy writes:

Our flight to Christchurch has been postponed again for another 24 hours. There is an intense low pressure system moving southeast towards Roosevelt Island that will bring continued cloudiness and high winds.

In simple terms the bad weather that we are having now may just be the calm before the storm.

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