Travel Log: 12 December 2001

Dateline: 11:45 AM Wednesday, 12 December 2001
McMurdo Base

Skies mostly clear
Visibility unrestricted (not really!) with blowing snow
Temp: -11°C / 12°F
Windchill: -26°C / -15°F
Wind: Easterly at 13 knots

Randy writes:

bag dragThis morning we had "Bag Drag". That is when you carry/drag your big orange bag and all your gear up the hill to the Material Control Center, MCC. We went early because we had a lot of gear and because 52 people are manifested for our flight to Christchurch, and so we knew the line would be long.

We were the first ones through, which was great as the line was enormous and everyone had at least 2 big orange bags and many people had much more. The whole building was full, we had to squeeze in so that people would not be stuck outside.

As far as our flight for tonight at 1 AM is concerned, things are not looking good. Right now the visibility is not great and the plane we are scheduled to fly on is a C-130 from Arkansas. We are flight LCH001 -- that is, the first flight that the group from Arkansas will make! Since the C-130 does not have skis, the requirements are much stricter for landing. This means that unless the weather clears up a lot we will be in McMurdo a bit longer.

New Zealand is serious about agricultural disease threats -- no fruits or vegetables allowed on the flight to Christchurch.

The animals help Vivian get all their gear ready for the flight.
cubbies readying gear

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