Travel Log: 11 December 2001

Dateline: 10:30 AM Tuesday, 11 December 2001
McMurdo Base

Skies mostly clear, condition 3 (best/safest)
Visibility unrestricted
Temp: -1°C / 30°F
Windchill: -4°C / 25°F
Wind: variable at 5 knots

Randy writes:

It is strange to be back in the relatively warm and moist air of McMurdo. We are noticing different things than we did on the way down. For instance all of us immediately thought the water tasted funny. The water at Pole comes from melting the incredibly pure ice and is probably the purest water that I have ever drunk, while the water at McMurdo is made by taking the salt out of sea water. The desalination plant is big and the heat it produces to make the water is actually used to heat the whole base.

Last night Jason decided we needed to film at midnight because the light would be right, and then this morning we went down to Willy Field to film the LC-130 taking off at 7AM, so everyone is tired. I think it is time for a nap.

Filming at Willy Field. Vivian stands in front of the field, with Mt. Erebus in the background. Also, a view from the control tower.
Jason filming Vivian at Willy Field control tower

The animals hang out with Vivian and Randy, getting a good look at the base.
animals with Vivian animals with Randy

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