Travel Log: 06 December 2001

Vivian's BIRTHDAY!

Dateline: 4:47 PM Thursday, 06 December 2001
South Pole

Temp: -31.6°C / -24.8°F
Windchill: -56.3°C / -69.2°F
Wind: 14.7 knots, Grid 049
Barometer: 676.9 mB (10744 feet)

Randy writes:

Full day. I started at 4 AM. We have been outside working most of the day, and now the wind has picked up, which makes it feel even colder. Flights are currently on indefinite hold to McMurdo due to bad weather there.

This morning most of our time was spent working on the flight deck filming the landing of two LC-130's. We even visited the International Pax Terminal and used it for our gear.

Tonight we have a small surprise celebration planned at dinner in honor of Vivian's birthday. We spoke to the cooks and they are making a cake. Since all the food here is delicious we are really looking forward to the cake.

Jason hard at work.
filming filming

The International Pax Terminal, inside and out.
Pax Terminal inside Pax inside Pax

Another shot of the Ceremonial Pole.

Shots of the galley at Pole.
galley galley

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