Travel Log: 05 December 2001

Dateline: 12:22 AM Wednesday, 05 December 2001
South Pole

Temp: -34.3°C / -29.7°F
Windchill: -34.4°C / -29.9°F
Wind: 5.2 knots, Grid 021
Barometer: 678.6 mB (10679 feet)

Randy writes:

Current weather is very pleasant. Hardly any wind and not too cold.

Marcus Ryan, who works on ACBAR, gets some help from the stuffed animals.
Marcus with bear Marcus with penguin

Bob Spotz, the machinist, thinks the penguin should be named "Alice". Two Swedes working on AMANDA think the penguin ("she should be named Granny") is the cutest stuffed animal they've ever seen.
Bob with Alice Swedes with Granny

Jason and Vivian at work, shooting video of MAPO for the exhibit. The penguin took over as director for a bit.
Jason filming MAPO Jason and Vivian Director penguin

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