Travel Log: 30 November 2001

Dateline: 7:15 AM Friday, 30 November 2001
Christchurch, New Zealand

Randy writes:

The current plan is for a briefing at 7:45 AM, and then we depart at 9 AM for the Ice.

We have all been up for a few hours already! The weigh in and check in are over, now we will have a security check and then get shuttled to the airfield. It is a good thing that it is early right now and still cool outside as we need to wear most of our gear for the flight.

Everyone is excited but I know that we will soon be in the sensory deprivation chamber of a cargo plane: dark and noisy.

Time to run!

Jason and Vivian check in before boarding the plane.
check-in check-in

Boarding the C-130, part of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, in Christchurch.
Boarding C-130

It's a full flight to McMurdo, and long. Vivian is staying hydrated. There's not much to do on the trip, except sit back with your friends and maybe read a bit.
full flight Vivian hydrating Jason with animals Vivian reading Randy with penguin

Some ice shots from the cockpit, and the pilot:
sea ice ice propeller and ice pilot ice

Almost there!
Vivian Jason

Finally on the ground at McMurdo. Jason immediately goes to work filming the unloading. On the horizon is Mt. Erebus, an acive volcano. Vivian at McMurdo Jason working Erebus

Dateline: 8:30 PM Friday, 30 November 2001
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

We are in McMurdo. We had an easy flight that only took 7 hours. It is 32°F here but feels warm due to the sunshine. It is 8:30 PM and the sun is still high in the sky.

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