Travel Log: 29 November 2001

Dateline: 11:30 AM Thursday, 29 November 2001
Christchurch, New Zealand

Randy writes:

Beautiful, warm and sunny today.

After all the traveling everyone was tired yesterday, so we all went to bed early. I woke up at about 5 AM and used the time to repack my bags for the trip south. I have carefully sorted things so that I will have what I need for a variety of situations. I do this because things often change when one is traveling to the Antarctic.

After re-packing my gear I still had lots of time and so I went for a good run. It was a beautiful morning and the area around the hotel is very nice for jogging. Right behind the hotel there is a small farm with sheep and horses, most of the homes on my way had beautiful gardens that are now in bloom, and there were a number of parks too.

Jason and Vivian are busy testing out their gear and filming some scenes of the CDC for the museum exhibit.

Dateline: 3 PM

Things look very good for our flight to McMurdo tomorrow and we have been told to report at 5:45 AM to prepare.

The weather predictions are good and we will be flying on a Kiwi or New Zealand plane. This means the trip should be a bit quicker because the C-130 doesn't have skis, which create a lot of drag.

The CARA bear and penguin had fun at the Clothing Distribution Center, checking out the clothing and Jason's film gear, and getting to know some of the employees there. The woman pictured below suggested that the penguin be named "Percy".
animals with gear animals with new friend animals with gear

Jason tests his film equipment, while Vivian talks to Mike about how his explanation of the Extreme Cold Weather gear will be used for the museum exhibit.
Jason with camera Vivian and Mike

The group of travelers watches an Antarctic safety video and listens to other presentations, as Jason captures the whole experience on film.
filming filming filming safety video

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