Travel Log: 26 November 2001

Dateline: 1:19 PM (CST) Monday, 26 November 2001
Chicago, Illinois

Randy writes:

I am now sitting in O'Hare airport waiting for my 3:15 flight to Los Angeles. Because my trip is an international one, and due to heightened security, we were advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight.

Today is unseasonably warm in Chicago with temperatures in the 50's, a good ten degrees above normal for this time of year. I suspect that LA may have similar weather. Perhaps we will even have the same weather when we get to Auckland, New Zealand. This would not be that strange, though, as it is summer time in New Zealand because it is in the Southern Hemisphere.

I'll write more when we get to LA, where we will meet up with Vivian and Jason from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Vivian, Jason, and I are going to be gathering materials for an exhibit on astrophysics in Antarctica.

A bit later...

While waiting for my plane I asked people what we should name the penguin. One person declined to answer, but another took time away from working on her business plan to suggest the name "Waddles" for the penguin. Below is a picture of the animals and their new friend.


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