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Randy and animals
ice cave entrance

In late November and early December 2001, CARA's Randy Landsberg is once again journeying to the South Pole, this time with a few stuffed animals to keep him company. The CARA bear comes from the University of Chicago Office of Special Programs, who will be working with public schools to write some essays about the bear's travels. The penguin is from the North Kenwood Oakland Charter School.

Randy will also be working with Vivian Trakinski and Jason Lelchuk, who are putting together a museum exhibit about DASI at the American Museum of Natural History, as part of its Science Bulletins initiative. The AMNH created Science Bulletins to keep its permanent scientific exhibition halls up-to-date with the ever-changing frontiers of science. The multimedia exhibits use advanced technologies (like large screen high-definition video and 3-D graphics, interactive kiosks, and expanded website content) to present breaking news, data, and simulations from leading research institutions.

The Hayden Foundation, in conjunction with the AMNH, will also be following the trip.

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