Travel Log: December 23rd, 1997

Home Sweet Home

DECEMBER 23rd, 1997

Janice arrived in Texas today after a long trip from New Zealand. How long was it? Janice tells us in the Travel Tales below.

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Dec 23th Travel Tales

Janice VanCleave: I left Christchurch around 6:00 pm Dec. 23 and arrived in Waco about 11:00 pm. Dec. 23. Sounds like I had only a 5 hour trip home. WRONG!!! It was a 30-hour trip. Remember that I cross the international dateline on the way home and gained the day I lost when I crossed it going west. Most of the time was in the air, but some of it was waiting around in airports. The entire round trip from Waco to the South Pole and back again was about 27,000 miles and 15 different airplane trips. One of the trips and about 2,000 miles was the boomerang flight from Christchurch to McMurdo. This was the flight that went half way, then turned and returned to Christchurch due to bad weather in McMurdo. That was the hardest flight of all.

I am happy to be home for the holidays. With the temperature in the high 40's (degrees Fahrenheit) in Texas, I feel very cozy and warm. As usual, there is no snow in Central Texas, but I can bring up wonderful memories of Antarctica if I wish to visualize a white Christmas. What a magical and wonderful trip I had. Do keep checking this web site for information as Randy and I read our notes and share them with you. Please check the question and answer page for more information and do send questions that you want answered.