Travel Log: December 11th, 1997

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International Antarctic
Centre in Christchurch, NZ

DECEMBER 11th, 1997

Randy's report from the southern hemisphere:
"Christchurch NZ Thursday December 11, 1997 9am Clear skies and sunny today but we are not flying because our plane has a pressurization problem and it would not be very fun to fly in a cold depressurized cargo hold, so we will wait until the other plane that came in yesterday is ready to go again. If we were on a flight and we lost cabin pressure we would have to drop down to 10,000 feet and put on most of the gear that we were given yesterday at the CDC." The good news: The Lost Luggage was found and delivered to Christchurch today.

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Date/Time: 11 Dec 97 at 09:00 local time
Date/Time: 11 Dec 97 at 20:00 GMT
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Weather: clear skys
Temperature: 13oC = 55.4oF
Barometric Pressure: 774.7 mm Hg = 30.5 inches Hg
GPS latitude: E 172:32:329'
GPS longitude: S 43:29:348'
GPS elevation: 67 meters

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Dec 11th Travel Tales

Janice VanCleave: "What a beautiful day to fly. Too bad we are not leaving for McMurdo. While I am not anxious to make this 3,800 km (2,375 mi) trip which will take 7 to 9 hours, I am anxous to be in Antarctica. There are about 140 flights from Christchurch to McMurdo each year and one seasoned travel said that about 1/3 of his flights have been rescheduled. I hope that we fly out tomorrow. I am ready to see Antarctica."

Randy Landsberg: "My bag which had been lost somewhere between Chicago and Auckland showed up at the CDC yesterday so we now have everything we need for our investigations."