Travel Log: December 7th, 1997

Picture of the Day
Gray Skys at the
University of Chicago

DECEMBER 7th, 1997

Currently Randy is in Chicago, Illinois, and Janice is in Waco Texas. Both are scrambling to prepare for their imminent departure for Antarctica. Randy, in Chicago, describes his emotional state as frantic, but improving now that he has purchased a suitable set of long underwear. He has just tested out the GPS receiver and determined his approximate elevation and his exact latitude and longitude given below. Randy will leave Chicago by plane for Los Angeles at 5pm CST.

Date/Time: 7 Dec 97, 11:30am CST
Location: Chicago, IL
Weather: grey skys
Temperature: -0.72oC = 30.7oF
Barometric Pressure: 776 mm Hg = 30.55 inches Hg
GPS latitude: W 087:36.136'
GPS longitude: N 41:47.517'
GPS elevation: 325 m

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