Travel Logs

November-December 2001

Once again, CARA's Randy Landsberg is journeying to the South Pole, with a few stuffed animals to keep him company. Check out his journal entries and photos from the trip.

December 2000

In December 2000, CARA's Randy Landsberg and Patricia Huettel of the Art Insitute of Pittsburgh (AIP) traveled to the South Pole. One purpose of this trip was to gather material for a multimedia CD-ROM about Antarctica and CARA science. Here you can find their log entries and some photos from the journey. More information about the journey can be found at the Ice Prowler web site.

January 2000

In January 2000, Randy Landsberg and Steve Butler went to the South Pole. Two main purposes of this trip were to try out the Ice Prowler and to take Milly the Bear on their travels, reporting back to the students at Sauganash Elementary School in Chicago. Here you will find log entries and photos from their journey.

December 1997

In December 1997, Janice van Cleave and Randy Landsberg went to the South Pole. Here you will find daily log entries from their journey.

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For more pictures of the South Pole, visit the Virtual Tour of the South Pole.