Experiments and Activities

WANTED: Experiments for the South Pole for the Austral Summers (Dec - Jan)!

How would you like to have an experiment that you designed performed at the South Pole? All you need to do is come up with a good idea and then tell us about it.

We would like to perform your experiment at the South Pole and compare results from the pole to yours and those of others around the globe. More information and instructions are online.

Randy and Janice

In 1997, Randy Landsberg and the well-known author Janice VanCleave traveled to Antarctica and visited the South Pole for nearly two weeks. While they were there they performed experiments, answered kids' questions, and shared their experience via the internet with classrooms all over the world. Many of the labs here were developed with this trip in mind.

Do-It-Yourself Activities

We have created a set of science experiments that students can do in most any home or classroom, although some activities need to be performed outside. We'll do the same experiments during our next trip to Antarctica, and report the data live here on our web page. Your students can submit their results to appear here as well!

Snow & Ice: Measure and compare the densities of snow and ice.

Boiling Water: Is the boiling point of water the same everywhere?

Name that Place: Learn about geography, latitude, and longitude.

Spin the Globe: Which way does the world go round?

What's Your Angle?: How high is the sun at your latitude?

Follow Janice & Randy to the South Pole

Data from Kids Around the World

In 1997 kids from all over the world conducted South Pole experiments in their own home towns. Check out the latest data submitted by young scientists. Are your data listed here?

Discovery questions

Discovery questions are smaller in scale than the labs above, but are still things that kids asked us to investigate on our trip. Check out these experiments!

Ask us!

Janice and Randy took questions while they were at the Pole, and we have continued to take questions and provide answers since they came back. Check out the steadily-growing archive!

Science is Cool -- but Play it Safe!

This web page contains a number of hands-on experiments. They have been written with safety in mind but, for the lawyer's sake, we must disclaim any responsibility. Please be careful, follow instructions, and in all cases an adult should supervise each activity.