Travel Log: January 25th, 2000

January 25th, 2000

A view back towards the Dome

The last two days have no photos of Milly! Her fans are wanting to know if she is stuck in bed suffering from the altitude, or what.

Randy writes:

Tell Milly's fans that she had a bad cold and did not go out much the past few days because she did not want to infect others.

Today Milly, Walt, Steve, and myself are all headed back to McMurdo although are travel plans after that are indefinite as there is a back up in McMurdo due to fights boomeranging from Christchurch.

More photos soon....

Weather for South Pole Station
01-25-2000 at 20:44 Z
Temperature -31.9 C -25.4 F
Wind 005 At 14.7 Knots
Windchill -56.7 C -70.09 F
Barometer 682.1 mB
Physio Altitude 10547. ft

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The scientists who study atmospheric chemistry and physics often launch these large weather balloons carrying instruments to study the upper atmosphere. Randy got to watch one of them launch today.

Views of astronomer John Carlstrom. The last one is John in front of his new telescope, DASI.

Various views of DASI's innards.

Views of astronomers working on DASI. John Carlstrom, John Kovac, Eric Leitch, John Yamasaki, and Ethan Schartman.

Several other cool views of things all over the base:

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